Saturday, March 12, 2011

You probably think this blog is about you. . . Part Two.

This is a not so very short soundtrack set to all of the not so long relationships and not so much relationships of my past (and present). At first I was going to put names to these descriptions but then I realized that I probably shouldn't. You know who you are. So here it goes.

If my life were a movie then this song would be in the background during every moment of heartache and dissapointment.

Back when I was a younger, and much more nieve, I was in a relationship with a certain person. Shit happens. And so did this relationship. I've made my peace with everything. And I know now that you have to dig through a lot of trash to find treasure.

I didn't ever really have that many "crushes" in high school, but this was one of them. And I don't really know how to explain it, but with this song.

This one isn't necessarily about a relationship in the boyfriend/ girlfriend way, but a very good long distance friendship with a certain person.

A long, long time ago. In a high school far, far away. . . I had a crush. And looking back I see how insane my evidence for a supposed "perfect connection" was. I actually just lol'ed. But, this is one of the songs that reminded me of this certain person.

So once upon a not too long time ago (well, it feels like a long time ago) I was in a difficult relationship. And thats why I'm not in it anymore. And that is all that really needs to be said about that. But here are a few songs that explain how I felt in that relationship and how I felt to finally get out of it.

So. . . this one is about a girl. Well, maybe more than one. As much as I always told the people around me and her it wasn't like this. . . it kind of was. It was kind of if Ghost World had a Fried Green Tomatoes vibe to it.

Well, I'm in a relationship now that I plan on being in for a while. And before it developed into what it is now, there was this song. And it still makes me think about him. And it still makes my heart jump. And so does he.

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