Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Driven Like the Snow - A Soundtrack for Winter

So, after a suggestion from a friend and a little bit of procrastination on my part, here is my blog. I'm still attempting to arrange my thoughts in to blog format (as oppose to the crazy ramblings and half-finished sentences that usually come out of my mouth) and for my first blog I'll take the easy/ lazy way out and create a list. And what theme better fitting for a hopelessly despondent pseudo-goth girl like me than a Winter themed play list accompanied by the wondrous magic of YouTube music videos!  So here it is, my soundtrack for the upcoming Winter season!

Sisters of Mercy-1959
Zola Jesus- Trust Me
Bjork- All is Full of Love
Leonard Cohen- A Thousand Kisses Deep
Interpol- Leif Erikson
Bat for Lashes- Daniel
Echo and the Bunnymen- The Killing Moon
Sisters of Mercy-Driven like the Snow

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